The guest is always responsible for his own safety and that of others. Polite and responsible behavior is certainly an indicator of safety.


A bicycle in good condition in compliance with the laws, the helmet to be always worn and an AIG2R guide who will accompany you on your holiday will give the necessary advice to avoid the dangers is what we must give you for your safety: we ask guests conduct practical, prudent and wise.

The minivans or minibus for the transfers are all authorized to the transport, owned by our agency or rented with a driver, naturally insured.


In the event of an accident to third parties, accidents, illness during the holiday, or even, due to a state of danger, even presumed, the guest is covered by insurance policies in his favor as beneficiary. That is, if one of the above cases occurs, compensation for compensation to third parties in the event of civil liability, to the guest in case of accident or illness, is provided, including coverage for research, recovery, primary rescue, transport with any emergency room, medical and assessment costs, specialist visits, interventions, hospitalizations and more, as well as the repatriation of the injured person and his loved ones in tow.